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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There's none that I know of. You might Google some reviews that compare the two programs and their features and controls.

  • Ray Miles

    I switched from Lightroom to On1 about a year ago and have no regrets. Like you, when I began, I was looking for equivalents, but now I have to say I just think in terms of On1 itself. One filter I use a lot, especially on landscapes, is the one called dynamic contrast. It may well be similar to presence in Lightroom.

    On1 has produced a lot of free videos and webinars that are available on YouTube and it's worth looking at those that deal with basic workflow. Anthony Morganti has also done some useful videos in which he processes the same photo using several different apps, including both Lightroom and One1 Photo Raw.

  • Hank Montgomery

    I agree with Ray in that Anthony Morganti is a masterful explainer of On1 (and most of the competitive products out there). He simply and carefully explains every part of any screen he is discussing on whatever point the title of his video says the video is about.

    Just yesterday, I reviewed his video comparing On1 2020 to Lightroom Classic.  He also mentions Luminar on some points, but I ignore that part.  Here is the URL to that video:

    Because On1 2021 is so very new, Morganti does not have much out there on that - yet.


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