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Temperature of CPU rises using On1 Photo RAW 2021



  • Nitin Chandra

    ON1 has an event scanner which is not there in LR or PS. ON1 will start scanning your catalog'd/browse directories on startup and therefore the CPU would be working and the temp would go up. Also, if the previews have not been built, that will also start after the scanning.

  • Roger Gorissen

    Okay, thanks for the explanation. What's the best thing to do? Let ON1 do its job for a while? And after a couple of minutes / hours it has to operate on a normal temperature? At least ON1 uses all cores of my CPU, so it has to operate smoothly.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Do you have any Catalogs and are they being rebuilt? That will strain your system while the cataloging process is running and yes, once that has finished things will drop back down to normal.


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