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Auto export edited photos/ GooglePhotos integration



  • Adam Price

    Maybe I have found my answer in this post:


    (That answer being "no".)

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Exporting is a manual process, so you can do your photos one at a time or select them all at once for Exporting but it won't happen automatically. Also, there is no provision for putting them automatically in subfolders, you can select only one folder per Export.

    There is an option to access Google Drive, but I don't think there is any connection with Google Photos through it.


  • Nathan Vear

    The solution is to export your "edited" files to a separate folder and have the Google Drive Backup software (once downloaded and installed to your pc) look to the exported folder for upload into Google Photo's.


    E.g. export to folder "Google Photos Upload". Have Google Drive Backup look to "Google Photos Upload" to monitor changes/new files and it'll upload them.


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