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ON1 2021 keeps crashing despite a clean install + Graphic card updated & checked



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There is no way to recover the edits made prior to the program crashing. All edits are stored in the Scratch space and they do not get written to the internal edits database or to the .on1 sidecar file until you return to the Browser. I always return to the Browser to force a save whenever I finish creating a mask. Especially when there is a lot of brushing done to create it. Save it 1st then go back to the editor to continue your work. I will also return to the Browser to save my work when I get to a point where I like what's been done so far and it's time to start working on a new piece of the photo.

  • Amine Mahmoudi

    thank you Brian. that's indeed one solution that I managed to do until the issue is not solved yet. Do I understand that you experienced the same issue? Are you on 2021 version?

    Thanks again and happy new year to you

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Yes, I'm running 2021 but I'm on a Mac. I do have occasional crashes but not on a regular basis.

    Happy New Year to you too, thanks Amine.

  • David Price

    Hi I am also running PR 2021 on a Windows 10 laptop.  I have maxed out the RAM, and added in SSDs.   I can't do anymore to improve the laptop, because I have reached the upgrade limits of the Motherboard.  But, PR does seem to like have 16 GB of RAM.

    I do get crashes, which can be annoying.  When everything slows down, I do as Brian suggests. i.e. return to Browse, and force it to save/update the ON1 file.   I also take a look at Task Manager, if I succeeded in saving in Browse.  More often than not, I find that the Antivirus is doing something in the background.   So, I also routinely make the antivirus run scans, etc.  In the hope that it will behave it's self when I am editing images.

    When I am doing complicated masks, I do as Brian does, and save them.   However, because I have a 'weak graphics card', my masks can crash, particularly if I have to do a lot of refining in Layers.  So, if the mask is not quite right, then  I also Make a new stamped layer.  Then I turn off the layers which aren't needed, (which reduces the workload for the graphics card), then I can bring in a fresh layer and mask in and/or out the bits that were wrong on the original mask.   This is complicated, but if I overload the graphics card, then PR 2021 will crash, and won't have chance to save my work. 

    The issue is not PR 2021, the issue is the integrated graphics in my laptop, which are not powerful enough, for the kind of work that I like to do.

    And may 2021 be better for all of us than 2020 became.


  • Gary Templeman

    My crashing is happening so easily and often (within a minute of launching) that the program is currently unusable. Even simply opening, selecting one image and clicking export=crash. Running on a Lenovo Legion Y545 with 32 MB RAM and an Nvidia 1660ti GPU with the latest Studio driver that was cleanly installed. Upon relaunch the crash reporter does not appear. Event viewer consistently shows this:

    Faulting application name: ON1 Photo RAW 2021.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5fb41692
    Faulting module name: dbgcore.DLL, version: 10.0.19041.546, time stamp: 0xf117e6a2
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x0000000000009194
    Faulting process id: 0x14b4
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d6e639cc5b4b5e
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\ON1\ON1 Photo RAW 2021\ON1 Photo RAW 2021.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dbgcore.DLL
    Report Id: 990d1796-2b1e-4bfe-8f47-1df3649327f8
    Faulting package full name:
    Faulting package-relative application ID:

    I have run DISM and SFC with no errors reported 

  • David Price

    Hi Gary

    I had a similar issue to yours, just before Christmas.  I contacted ON1 Support, and they kindly guided me through a fault diagnosis process.

    In my case, it was eventually found that one of the unwanted stuff that HP bundled with the laptop, was fighting Photo Raw for memory space.  Once I had deleted the old and never actually wanted application, my copy of Photo Raw became stable again.  (Except for when I am pushing the envelope too far).

    I would suggest that you should raise this with ON1 Support.



  • Gary Templeman

    Thanks David, do you happen to remember the specific app? My Lenovo did not come with any HP stuff but my printer driver did. The thing is, I did not have this issue with Photo RAW 2020, so even if it is some software conflict it is a change within the 2021 version that is causing it and therefore it is On1’s responsibility to fix it. Your case was an unneeded and unwarranted app but that will not be the same for everyone.

  • David Price


    The App described it'self as made by HP and was supposed to improve the sound made by the speakers.  It was probably added to the HP Laptop when it's first copy of Windows 7 was loaded.  Since then it has been upgraded to Windows 10, and most of the inside of the laptop has also been renewed.  (I have not noticed any issues with sound, the speakers are just as muffled and tinny as they always were).

    I agree that ON1 Support has a duty to help you.  But, it must be very difficult for ON1 to test their products, (before launch), on Windows machines. Simply because they can be running a much wider range of software.  On Apple's computers, on software that is approved of by Apple is allowed to run and to be installed.  Making Mac's much more standardised.   Where as all sorts of strange rubbish can be found on Windows machines, even before we start to consider cookies and malware.

    ON1 Support could not access my machine directly, and it took a few emails,  but they did help me to find the issue.

    When the 'HP sound app' was installed, it was impossible to do any serious layers work.  This morning I have been combining images in Layers, with complicated masks.  My laptop has been stable, and although I made it return to Browse to force save the ON1 files, I probably did not need to do so.


  • David Agnelli

    I have been experiencing problems with "Not Responding" and crashing (Windows 10 ON1 2021).  Also very sluggish responses using sliders during editing.  Tried using different settings with the Graphic card levels (Edit/Preferences/Systems).  Using Shift while opening and deleting settings seems to help, but the problem is erratic and unpredictable, very frustrating. 

  • Gary Templeman

    Some information that might help others, as I seem to have solved my crashing problem. When On1 2021 was installed, the previous On1 2020 remained, so I uninstalled it through Control Panel. After trying a number of fixes the support people suggested, including running DISM and SFC to check Windows, a regular uninstall/reinstall of On1 2021, and a manual turn off/turn back on of .NET, I then again uninstalled On1 2021.

    Poking around, I found that the uninstallation process is very incomplete. There was an On1 folder remaining under Program Data, and another under Users/[UserName]/AppData/Roaming. I manually deleted both of those (there may have been another folder I removed also), and discovered that the On1 folder and sub folders under Roaming had well over 700,000 files, totaling about 80 GB. I then went through the registry looking for On1 entries and cleaned out the ones I was confident in removing (not advised to do for anyone not well versed in the registry). There were also numerous leftovers from the earlier 2020 version installation still present that were deleted. After that more complete cleanup, my reinstallation has now been running for a few hours with out incident, when it would crash within a few minutes of launch, sometimes without me doing anything at all. 





  • David Price

    Yes, I have been suffering from the same problem.  That is sine the latest Windows 10 update.  My laptop was running Photo Raw 2021 really well during December and early January.  Then came the update, after which my copy of Photo Raw lost the ability to work in Layers and to Export Images from Layers.  Continual crashing is the best description. Also everything slowed right down.

    I did the clean install, as have others.  But still had a crippled copy of Photo Raw.  I suspect that every Windows laptop will have it's own problems.  However, AMD have a free utility that can be downloaded from their website. (Make sure that you really are downloading from AMD's website).  The utility told me that my graphics drivers had been changed, to the wrong drivers, at the time that the last Windows 10 update crashed onto my machine.

    The AMD utility then downloaded more upto date drivers, (that were launched in November). Since then all on my laptop appears to be well.

    So what I have learnt is don't forget to check that your graphics drivers are the ones that should be run on your graphics card. And don't expect Micro Soft to get it right.  (Awaiting the next Windows Update with trepidation).

    Good luck, Best wishes David Price

  • Arnulf Roch

    In past I had problems with ON1 2019. Biggest improvement came, when I stopped using the catalog function at all. In past ON1 seemed to had issues reading the self created side car files (.on), in a way that the whole program stuck. Looking through the users error reports, the catalog functions seems to have still issues...

    To get rid of problems I deleted all .on1 files and yes I lost all edits by doing this. Therefore I am very concerned in restart the usage of the ON1 database functionality without a database. 

    Checking the log file uncovers errors e.g.  Event (1101), Event (10061), Event (-1) and so on but it is not that clear what all this is. That happens even if everything is "stable". 

    Please remember that ON1 requires a stable internet connection to verify the activation status. Errors can be found in the log file.

    Further more was ON1 2019 struggling with access rights in Windows 10. A simple proposal was to start ON1 as Administrator. This can be set to permanent in Windows with Troubleshooting compatibility issues in Explorer (right mouse click on the program, than choose, program needs more rights). Again this was an issue with 2019 version and I don't need it so far anymore on ON1 2021.

    Anyhow it is a good idea to give ON1 granted access at "Controlled folder access" for ON1 Photo RAW 2021.exe, ON1Capture.exe and ON1Sandbox.exe.

    Regardless stability has improved a lot over time, it is still not as desired. Program stability should be the major focus for future improvements.


  • David Price

    I used to have similar problems, to Arnulf, when running Photo Raw on my PC.  I have however been running PR since Photo Raw 2017 launched.

    I agree that when catalogues are being built, that they do take up a lot of resources, as PR goes through each catalogue, looking for any changes, etc..  But, once the catalogues are built, (which takes time), the resources that are needed to maintain them, are very low.

    Personally, I would never, ever, delete the ON1 files.  Because as was correctly said, when you delete your ON1 files, you delete all of your edits. And without the ON1 files, PR does not seem to be able to rebuild your catalogues. Also, the ON1 files, seem to be essential to the operation of PR.

    I often travel away from home, (or at least I did before the Covid-19 Pandemic), which means that my copies of PR have to run without access to the internet, often for weeks at a time. I haven't looked for faults in the logs, but not being able to access the internet, did not cause any obvious operational faults.

    I have never had the need to grant rights, (to PR), however, as I am the only user on my PC, I have never needed to construct the complicated levels of permissions in Windows 10, that would be needed for a PC in a big organisation.

    A few months ago, my copy of PR 2021 collapsed, and became inoperable. I deleted it, and the catalogues, as part of trying to find out what was wrong. In the end, with ON1 Support's Help, (and they are very helpful), I realised that my GPU, (Graphics Processing Unit), Drivers were badly out of date. I updated the GPU drivers, and suddenly my copy of Photo Raw 2021 ran perfectly.

    As a bonus, I still have my old copy of Photo Raw 2020, running on my PC. Even though it is rarely now used, Photo Raw 2021, used PR 2020's catalogues, to rebuild the PR 2021 Catalogues. It did this without being asked to, and in the back ground. So, I now have a copy of PR 2021, with fully functional catalogues, that simply runs like a dream.

    However, I have since had two more occasions, where PR 2021 has collapsed and become inoperable. Both of these events came after big Windows 10 Updates. In both cases, updating my GPU drivers solved the problems. So, I now, routinely, after every big Windows 10 update, check that my GPU drivers are OK, and if windows updates has fiddled with them, I put the drivers right.

    It seems to me now, that Photo Raw needs you to maintain your PC, and that if your PC is compromised, (Windows 10 Updates, I am looking at you), then Photo Raw will also be compromised.

    What I have learnt from all of this, is that provided that I keep my PC in good order, there are normally no issues with program stability in Photo Raw/ON1's products.

    Also, everyone has bugs now and again, but when they have cropped up, ON1 has always listened to it's Users and quickly debugged the software.



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