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How to filter acc to development settings



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    No, there is no way to find if an individual effect has been used. Keywords are you best option as you've found.

  • Roger Gough

    You could also rename the files using a consistent convention that includes a unique identifier for B/W. I already use this method for exported files. I add a prefix of "Ex " when exporting. My exported files can then be quickly and easily filtered by searching for "Ex". (I also immediately know that when I see "Ex" in a file name, it is a completed file that should not be re-edited).

    The files can be renamed directly by right-clicking on the photo and going to Rename File - this method would result in only one file. The rename can also be done by exporting the photo, adding a unique code for B/W - this method would result in two files. If using the full export process, a preset could be saved to make the process even easier and to ensure that the same B/W code is always used.

  • Andreas Moldt

    Thank you all for your support! Have a great start into 2021!

  • Felix

    I´m also missing some of thoe smart-collection features.
    Maybe they will add some more later.


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