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Anyone using Mylio?



  • Ray Miles

    You might want to take a look at the DAM features of On1 itself. I don't use them myself, as I'm not the kind of photographer who wants to use keywords, likes and dislikes et cetera. I'm sure that the manual has plenty of information on how to go about it and you'll also find video tutorials on YouTube. If you have multiple devices you'll have to take out a 360 subscription.

    If you are determined to use Mylio and don't get any response on this forum from other On1 users, It might be worth looking at how Mylio integrates with Lightroom and adapt it to On1 accordingly.

  • Rod Mell

    I have been a Mylio user for a few months and love it as an organizer. My wife and I each have a Win 10 Desktop, a Win 10 Laptop and an Android Phone. Either of us can import photos on any device and they will soon appear on all devices. We use the desktops and laptops as Vaults and only keep thumbnails on the phones. My wife is very non techie but is confortable with Mylio. It is quite, simple and user friendly.

    I don't do any editing in Mylio. I would like to keep our CR3 RAW files in Mylio and then edit in PR. Problem is I don't want my wife to have access to the RAWS and they don't have a way to show only JPGs or only RAWs or both. If they did I would setup my wifes devices to only show JPGs.

    I'm just getting started with PR and for my purposes like its DAM features. For my wife Mylio is better. 

  • Kevin Welker

    I used Mylio purely for face detection and tagging of 30 years of photos, then wrote those edits to metadata, and my tags were picked up in On1. Otherwise, Mylio was way too limiting in its edit capabilities for my needs.  But it was very fast and had some great features.  Also, I didn't want to retain the catalogs/thumbnail libraries for both programs over the same set of photos (I have a LOT of photos over 30 years).  So my usage of Mylio was a one-time deal (over several weeks), and then I deleted it the catalogs.


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