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Not well thought out slideshow



  • Ray Miles

    I tend to agree. I purchased v2021 on the expectation of a decent slideshow, but was disappointed with what is so far on offer. They let themselves off the hook by calling it "Quick Slideshow", but let's hope the next update will see some improvements. For the time being, I am having to create slideshows in an external programme.

  • Lou Gross

    I also agree.  ON1 often adds a feature in what I would call a 'preliminary' state.  They did this with the text tool, and with red eye removal - as well as many other features )like the slide show).  I use PSE (PhotoShop Elements) in addition to On1.  And while ON1 is far superior (at least on paper) to PSE, PSE does not crash and does not have a large list of bugs after each version release. It took until the 2021 version of ON1 for them to get a decent red eye removal tool (it did work previously but was awkward to use compared to PSE which took one click and even has an auto feature that would remove all red eyes at once).

    They tend to implement a feature so they can add it to a list but postpone making it work well or making it easy to use for some later version.  They eventually do make these features better - but then get to claim it as an improvement/enhancement rather than calling it what it is: finally finished doing it right. 

    ON1 is a great tool and is very good at some things. But PSE is reliable and good at many of the basic features needed to process a photo.  PSE is not a replacement for ON1 and I plan to continue using ON1 but I can process many of my photos using PSE.  For some, that is good enough.  For others, using ON1 makes them better. 

  • Ray Miles

    The "quick" slideshow feature has not been updated or improved for On1 PR 2022. I find, when I run it on my M1 Mac Mini that each slide takes a moment (less than a second but distracting all the same) to snap into focus. Not sure if there is anything to do to improve this.

    I would really like to see my photos on my 4k Samsung TV. My Mini is in a different room, so it's not really possible to use Airplay. I don't have a subscription to the iOS version of PR, so don't know ion that comes with a slideshow feature. If it does, I might consider subscribing. Otherwise, I am guessing the only option would be to export images as JPGs and then load them as a slideshow via the Apples Photos app. Any other, better, suggestions are welcome!

    I do use Fotomagico to create fancier slideshow with music that I upload to YouTube, but I am really looking for something here that will allow me to look at images individually then click to move on to the next one.


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