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Crop Straighten limited to image size



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    That should work.

  • Paul Cooper

    Thanks Brian, but I clearly did not explain the problem properly.

    With the attached image (1st thumbnail) I wanted to straighten the sea-wall - that's easy BUT ON1 forces a crop within the frame so the prow of the small white mid-ground boat gets cut off (2nd thumbnail).  As there is only sea on that side of the image I am happy for the edge of the crop to extend outside the current image but I cannot find a toggle in ON1 that allows that.  I can do it in Photoshop (thumbnail 3)

    NB I have started to remove the fence and the light from the foreground using ON1 tools (which makes a much better image, again 3rd thumbnail) but I really do not like cropped elements on the edge of the image.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I don't like cutting off objects with the edge of the photo either. In ON1 you'll need to use Layers. After expanding the Canvas to give you the room you need, duplicate the image to a 2nd Layer then you can straighten that. Expand the bottom Layer to fill the expanded canvas. Then you'll have to do some blending to hide the seam along the edge of the rotated layer.

  • Paul Cooper

    Ah!  "after expanding the Canvas" is the clue I needed.  I'll do some research to find out how to do that.

    "duplicate the image" "expand the bottom Layer" "do some blending" - cracking idea.  I had not thought of doing it that way (I was going to clone from the source image).  Brilliant!

    Thanks for both suggestions Brian.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Paul, you wouldn't be able to clone into the checkered area. That's blank canvas. You can only clone within the image border.

    The workaround is after expanding your canvas, create a color fill layer under your image that fills the canvas, then merge them together. It will fill in the checkerboard and allow cloning.

    Canvas size is on the File Menu in Edit.

    Just increase the top number (+50% should be enough) and the lower will change automatically. Hit Apply.


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