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2021.1-Did you institute a Move folder function?



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    No, there is no move function like that. However, if you move a folder out of a cataloged folder on one drive into a cataloged folder on the other drive that accomplishes the same thing.

    Photo RAW runs best when it has a dedicated fast SSD to use for its Scratch space. With only 1 drive in your laptop every single program including all the OS background tasks have to get into line to cross the one way, one lane bridge that is the I/O connection to the drive. By adding a dedicated SSD you are giving Photo RAW its own private bridge to drive across for the I/O it does the most of. That is where all your editing and the program's temporary work space is held until you return to the Browser or move to a different image while in the Editor.

    512GB isn't much room for your internal drive so I would also move the program's Perfect Browse Cache to the external SSD as well. That's what I did for my MacBook Pro. The PBC will grow to be as large as it needs to be to hold all the thumbnail images you see in the Browser. It can get to be pretty big.

    You can tell the program where to place the Scratch and PerfectBrowseCache with Move buttons in Preferences > System.

  • Jens-Matthias Keindorff

    Hi Michael, 

    did you force NVIDIA to be used together with on1 on windows system level? And in On1 did you force the Graphics card usage as well? 

    With regard to the workflow: From the camera I download my pictures to my Laptop. My files are physically stored on Year and monthly bases always. After about half a year, when most of the pictures are processed I shift them to a NAS. To do so I have cataloges folders on my laptop and on my NAS. If I would like to shift the pictures I create a correspondig directory on systemlevel on the NAS first. (Seems you can do that inside 2021 now as well) This is visible with the next start of On1. Then, within On1 I shift the subfolders from the Laptop to the NAS. For more safety you should better copy the data, just in case a transfer failure would occur. The source can be deleted, once all files are copied and checked. 

    Maybe that'll help.



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