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ON1 2021 won't start following last update.



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The first thing to try is to delete the program's settings files by holding a Shift key down while the program is launching. Keep it down until you see the Delete Settings? dialog then click the Delete Settings button. This will remove all your Preferences settings so you'll have to reset everything. It does not remove Catalogs, Albums, Keywords, edits, etc. That is done by the Reset ON1 Photo RAW 2021 button. It is the nuclear option to use if Delete Settings doesn't clear the problem. You will have to rebuild your Catalogs & Albums after.

  • Al Brown

    Holding the Shift key during launching did not bring up the dialog box with the Delete Settings options. However, by keeping my finger on shift, eventually the program started without crashing at the folder window. Exited ON1 and restarted.  Folders and images complete with past edits seem to be ok. I'll try working on an image and see if all remains stable.

    Thanks, Al


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