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Performance ON1 2021 and my iMac desktop 2017



  • DivLem


    I read that defragmentation exist no more for iMac 10.1 and later Thats perhaps the reason I don't find it anymore. In the old times I did it regular time

    An external GPU , can you give examples to find for me, when I have something to search I can find it

    Inotice your recommendation of "delete settings"

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Just search for external GPU. Amazon has several to choose from. This may help. 

    To delete your settings launch the program with a Shift key held down. Keep it pressed until you see the Delete Settings? dialog then click the Delete Settings button. This will reset all your preferences and other program settings but will not affect Catalogs, Albums, Keywords, etc.

  • DivLem

    Thanks for help

    On1 2021 runs better with your advices

    Only with Local Adjustment I must be careful and I must working smoothly 

    I work on the principle dev > save, dev> save different times

    I read a topic with "not responding" 

    I too have seen this problem and note that it is related to the processing process
    It disappears spontaneously when the iMac is back on its breath



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