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Internet connection???




  • Carl Traub

    I had the same issue when a storm knocked out internet for over week, but I still had power. Dead in the water, and very frustrating. And I obviously couldn't contact support with no internet.  I don't understand why there is no grace period for that situation.

    I opened a support ticket, and they gave me instructions to retrieve a permanent license.

    "For this issue we would recommend going to your ON1 Products page and selecting View Details for Photo RAW and then select Offline Activation.
    You will then need to copy the code that is displayed there and then open Photo RAW and select the Help menu and then select Sign-Out."

    Using a manual activation, will allow the machine to not be connected to the internet.
    This licenses the app, without the need for an internet connection, and is not 'time based'.
    After doing so please re-open ON1 and then select No Internet Connection? and then enter that code and login info."

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks Carl, I appreciate your insight and info.

    Doesn't help when you are out in the field and have no cell or wifi access and aren't aware of this archaic procedure.  I don't know why they make you go through this, you bought a license to use, and then stop you from using it.  Some design control freak thought this would be a good idea, really, this software has already been hacked, so I don't know who they are trying to protect.    I solved it by using Photoshop. :)


  • David Crombie

    I agree Bill, I like to keep my main PC (has my photos on it) off line as much as possible so I tried the Offline Activation. It does not work, help desk could not solve the problem. So I still have to occasionally go on line to activate the software I have paid for. Annoying.

  • Holger Danielsson

    Hi David, I followed the steps from Carl for Offline Activation and it works for me. 

    After selecting 'No Internet Connection' the program asked for my password, email address and the code, which is valid for 48 hours. What error messages have been shown? 

  • David Crombie

    No error messages, just wont accept the new activation code.

    Been round the houses with support doing clean installs, cleaning the registry, nothing works so given up.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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