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Is it a joke ?



  • Martin de Jong

    I always considered On1 to be a decent firm and I hope it’s a joke that ‘normal’ users like us have to pay extra’s for No Noise AI. The current noise reduction of PR is very disappointing and I had high hopes regarding an update in that area.

    Keep in mind that the Portrait AI is also part of PR. I don’t really see why that is be included and No Noise AI would not be....

    What bothers me even more is that the new module seems to be free for Plus Pro members. This means that we have to pay for their updates. It does not seem right to me.





  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    NoNoise will be included with Photo Raw in a future update per this post...

  • Don Maclean

    But still, pre-odering without being able to test the results is always a risk. It is a good offer at 30% off but if it doesn't work as well as the current industry leaders then there is no point.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    ON1 products come with a 14 day money back policy.

  • Don Maclean

    I understand that Brian but for users like me who live overseas we are subject to currency fluctuations. As always, I pre-order the annual updates because I use ON1 Photo RAW ... but I personally will wait for the product release and trial before buying. 

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    There is a sneak preview of Nonoise at A reply to a comment on this confirms that the next chargeable upgrade (On1 PhotoRaw 2022?) will include the new noise reduction. So not really any different from the Portrait AI situation other than it becoming available as a chargeable extra before next upgrade is announced.

    (Martin, note that grandfathered On1 Plus Pro members pay an increased subscription to cover getting each year's release "free", as one of these I have effectively pre-ordered and paid for the release coming out towards the end of the year. So no subsidies from other users.)

    I note that the technical specifications for NoNoise are the first that have Apple Silicon as option in system requirements. The release date of end of June would tie in with On1's earlier announcement that there would be a free upgrade to On1 2021 that would include native Apple Silicon support. If the plugins are updated soon after this as they were after the release of 2021.5 this will mean that On1 will be offering full native support for Apple Silicon systems by early July, not long after the new iMacs become widely available. The plugins, including NoNoise, should then work in the native version of Photoshop.

    This makes me wonder if part of the reason that NoNoise is becoming available in June is to steal a match on DxO and Topaz by providing this native support?

    Topaz's position on native support is confusing. I have seen a statement saying that Denoise and Sharpen are compatible with Apple Silicon and that the fact that they can't be seen as plugins when running Photoshop native is a bug that Adobe and Apple have to fix. Yet, looking at the latest versions of the applications on my Intel iMac they only show up as Intel applications not Universal. So not a bug but a known limitation that native and Rosetta applications can't be mixed. Given that Topaz have still to produce Big Sur compatible versions of two of their other applications I wonder how long it will be before they actually produce native versions?

    If NoNoise does deliver what is demonstrated in the sneak peak - good results, ability to adjust some settings to taste, good speed and ability to work on both RAW and processed image files as standalone and as a plugin then there is a chance that some people will prefer it over DxO's PureRAW and look at whether it is a better bet than taking out another year's Topaz support contract. Then when it is integrated into PhotoRAW it might give Photolab and its DeepPrime a viable alternative. Might come down to speed/convenience vs pixel peeking.

    The other advantage of NoNoise coming out as a separate produce several months ahead of PhotoRAW 2022 is that this, along with the NoNoise Challenge, will give some real world experience to help fine tune the models before PhotoRAW 2022 is release.

    As I have Topaz and Photolab, and no hope of upgrading to a new iMac in near future, I won't bother getting NoNoise and will wait for PhotoRAW 2022, but am looking forward to that.

    (Someone made a comment about not knowing of any other mainstream product that charged extra for improved noise reduction. DxO PhotoLAB comes in two versions, the enhanced Prime and DeepPrime noise reduction options are only available in the more expensive Elite version. So that is a product where enhanced noise reduction does cost extra.)



  • Martin de Jong

    Thanks Rick for pointing at Kahlies reply regarding No Noise will be part of a future release. My trust in On1 is restored 😀.

    Also a thanks to David for his extended explanation.

  • Subias Gilles

    I'm waiting for a next plugin "grayscale profiles" 30% discount ;-))

  • Robin Neville

    It might be a nice gesture to say, if you want to get it now, we will discount your renewal/upgrade in the fall. That would be a good thing to do. As it is right now, if I buy the product now I am kind of paying double for it in the fall. I know I do not 'have to' upgrade. It just seems like they are anti rewarding (would that be punishing?) the people who have supported and stood by them this far. Just a thought for consideration.


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