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Display filename in Window titlebar



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Are you sure you're in Detail view? The info doesn't show in Grid view, but I find it does show in every other view.

    In any case, there are no options, those details should show for everyone.

    Edit: Do you have a high res screen? Maybe it's a font problem.

  • David Kick

    I was just experimenting with this on my Windows desktop & when in detail view the only condition that I can see where the file name is not at the top is in Full Screen mode but that also makes the Minimize, Restore Down and Close controls in the upper right corner disappear too.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    That is exactly what Full Screen mode is supposed to do — remove all interface elements and leave just the image preview.

  • John Messeder

    There must be some combination of keys that causes the problem I described. I have turned off "View > Always show filenames" and the filename shows in all modes except Grid, where it appears below each elected (framed) thumbnail and under each unselected thumbnail on mouseover. Excellent. 

    Though I am still wondering how I turned that off. And how I turned it back on. But is seems to be working. I'll repost if I find something significant. Thanks for the hints.

  • David Kick

    Yes Brian I understand that - I was just pointing out that was the only way I could get the file name not to show at the top. 

    John just FYI in my testing to see if I could create your issue the View- "Always show file name" selection only impacts the filename display under each photo while in Grid view or in Filmstrip view and does not impact the file name being displayed at the top of the screen while in Detail view.


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