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Bad, horrible skintones, poor custom camera profiles



  • d b

    agree, the default color profiles ON1 RAW produces for Canon are... well very bad.. struggled a very long time with and still have issues and honestly was about to give up on On1 because of it.

    I have found ways to make it bearable, but would LOVE to see some proper CANON color profiles.

    The closest I have to fixing this is two fold, but its frustratingly inconsistent and I can't understand why.

    First I use the RAW profile and then I tweak contrast, midtone, shadow, saturation etc. sometimes I adjust the blue/yellow and green/purple balances as it skews badly, but it means its not consistent depending on lighting levels.

    the other which works a bit better, but limits the use of presets as they blow it away is using CAnon LUTs.. Canon provides some LUTs for the R5 on their support site, but its meant for CLOG video... however with a bit of tweaking can get you close..


    again my preference would be to have built in or easy to import color profiles (if you can find them)... but have more or less learned to create my own presets based on above.





  • Gaylord McCurdy

    Also agree.

    The ICC profiles I've made following the ON1 instructions puts a red tint to the dark grays and blacks.  Seems going from a RAW file, then making a "Linear RAW TIFF" in ON1, then using ColorChecker Camera Calibration software to make the ON1 TIFF into a ICC profile, that is too many steps and the color data loses track in the chain.

    I've had much better color results with a DCP profile.  The RAW fed through Adobe's DNG Converter, then through the ColorChecker Camera Calibration software to make a DCP profile, and then using that DCP in either DxO PhotoLab 4 or Exposure X6 that uses the DCP profile and not ICC/ICM as with ON1.

    I've also found even using LumariverPD to make either a DCP or an ICC profile that it isn't as good as making an ICC from LumariverPD either as it also needs a (Questionable from RAW) TIFF file to make an ICC from. My findings is it produces a lighter TIFF file when it does the conversion.

    Not a fan of TIFF to ICC here for accurate color fidelity.


  • d b

    ok.. so not perfect, but so much closer than before to getting proper color for my Canon R5 RAW files.

    I downloaded the free Canon LUTs (again for video, but can be used for RAW) from Canon Support

    Remove all settings on the RAW and prepare to create a new minimal preset to start with

    under Edit - change Tone & Color use the LINEAR RAW camera profile

    in the Effects Tab select the LUT effect

    import the Canon LUTs, make their own category

    select the BT709_CanonLog-to-BT709_WideDR_FF_Ver LUT

    After that it should only require minimal color adjustment/saturation/lighting/contrast to taste. However it should be close. its generally a bit under-colored but adding 5 on vibrance and 5 on saturation usually works

    Still wish On1 would supply better Canon Camera Profiles, but c'est la vie. Its been a peeve of mine since 2017.


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