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Move edited photos



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    If you move the photos using Photo RAW's Browser it will move the image file and both the .on1 and .xmp sidecar files with it. If you use the Finder you have to move all of them yourself. There may or may not be an .xmp.

    Photo RAW has an Import command under the File menu. It is covered starting on page 59 of the User Guide.

    ON1 User Guides

  • Jurry De Vries


    Second time today my apologies for delayed response. But would like to give you some feedback (that you might like).

    I was using that rather complex upload and storage method coz I was new to ON1, initially didn’t understand anything of the catalogue and browse system so basically doubled everything up on 2 if not 3 systems.

    A lot happened during those 5 months; I became more proficient with ON1 and once it downed upon me how brilliant the ON1 browse and catalogue system is, I changed my entire workflow.

    Nowadays I use these steps:

    1). Upload every photo directly from memory card to Dropbox, stored per date and time.

    2) Then I open ON1 and import the photos from my memory card into my external storage

    3) I do a quick scan and subsequently move collections or series to new or existing designated folders and sub-folders. I.e lets say I have imported 200 photos among which there is a serie of 20 shots of a yellow sunbird in the garden and 2 of those 20 are rubbish

    4) I delete the 2 rubbish ones from the ON1 group (but not from Dropbox) :

    5) in the folder ON1 BIRDS/SUNBIRDS/YELLOW SUNBIRDS I create a new folder with the date something like: 2021-11-29 Yellow sunbird feeding in garden.

    6) I then move the remaining 18 photos to that folder and simultaneously change the file name to: “original file name” “sub folder name” “Z6 II or D7500 or Z7 II” “date captured”

    7) You may notice that date and time captured is the connecting line between the different storage media I am using.

    8) Then rank them by stars

    9) Then apply NoNoise to the entire series

    10) and so on


    I have no idea if the above is still way to much overdone or what other people are using. But this one seems to work pretty well for me.


    Thanks for all your support and guidance 


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