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Confused by on1's purchase options




  • Christopher Curtis

    That’s helpful, thanks. 

    I suspect I am locked into my current subscription, which gives me 200GB of storage I don’t use, for at least until it us up for renewal and it’s helpful to know that Plus is completely separate these days. I’ll make a decision about stand-alone or subscription when I am up for renewal, or maybe the cloud sync will be better by then.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    This might also factor into your financial decision. The Plus subscription is for training materials and you get the monthly Texture/Preset/Border freebies. It does not affect the price of the program, subscription or purchase.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Let me see if I can pull some things together...

    • The On1 Plus subscription is about training and doesn't include any software.
    • If you already have On1 Plus PRO subscription then you get free updates including PR 2022 with integrated Nonoise.
    • If you don't already have Plus PRO subscription, it's been discontinued and no longer available.
    • You can get a Cloud sync subscription with or without Photo Raw included.
    • Photo Raw in a Cloud sync subscription will give you free updates to 2022 with integrated Nonoise.
    • You can get Photo Raw (without cloud sync) with a lifetime licence or as a subscription.
    • (Note: I didn't check to see if the PR only subscription is still available)
    • Photo Raw in any kind of subscription means that if you cancel the subscription, the software will completely stop working.
    • If you use all On1 apps (as opposed to Photo Raw) then standalone Nonoise is a good choice
    • If you use Photo Raw and plan to upgrade to 2022, you'll get integrated Nonoise with it and don't need the standalone.
    • If you don't plan to upgrade to PR 2022 then standalone Nonoise will work with the current PR 2021

    I hope I didn't miss something.


  • Christopher Curtis

    Thanks for all the help. It’s very useful. Just to add:

    As far as I can see, there is no PR only subscription. If you subscribe you can choose either 200GB cloud sync or 200GB cloud sync + PR. (You can upgrade either sub to 1TB cloud sync for more money)

    You are locked in for the length of ANY On1 subscription you take out, including plus. You can cancel when you want provided it’s before your renewal date, but the subscription will still work until the renewal date and there are no refunds. (It’s in the terms and conditions) 

    I know from when I moved to annual from monthly, On1 have no process for changing any subscription. You have to cancel the present one and buy a new one - you can’t move from annual to monthly unless you wait until the end of the year. 

    I’m waiting for a definitive reply from customer support, but it looks as if I am locked in to my present subscription anyway, and it’s probably the cheapest available if I want to subscribe. 

    I’ve already made the point to customer support that it’s all really opaque and needs to be laid out somewhere that doesn’t mean reading the very small print and asking the community to make any sense of it. I’ve also pointed out that I think the cloud sync and mobile apps are not “fit for purpose” in my view. In English Law that would entitle me to insist on On1 delivering a service that works as advertised or refunding me. I don’t want to go down the legal route (and want to keep using PR in any case) but bundling cloud sync with the software subscription probably closes that route anyway.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator


    I think the bit where you write

    • Photo Raw in a Cloud sync subscription will give you free updates to 2022 with integrated Nonoise.

    should read “Photo Raw in any subscription will give you free updates to 2022 with integrated NoNoise.”

    I did say that further down (point 8 I think), but I needed to mention the PR subscription first. (see note below)

    Edit: To be more exact, the “free” updates in the subscription models aren’t free, they are included in the price of the subscription. 

    My use of 'free' means without additional cost. Obviously, if you have a subscription then you're paying for it.

    .Edit 2: a subscription to Cloud Sync does not, as I understand it, include updates to On1 Raw (but I may be wrong on this one, info on Cloud sync is not easy to find). 

    As I mentioned in item 4, you can get Cloud sync with or without Photo Raw. If you already have Photo Raw and want sync, there is no need to pay for a second copy of Photo Raw.

    The subscription with Photo Raw and Cloud sync always gets you 'free' updates as long as your subscription is valid.

    Note: I don't see the Photo Raw only subscription on the page anymore. Honestly, I don't see why anyone would need that anyway.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator


    You don't say how long you've had sync. If it's not long you might still get a refund. All you have to do is ask customer service. If it's been a while though, that option is probably not available.

    Richard, LOL. making me work for nothing.

  • Christopher Curtis

    The answer from support was clear:

    You are currently on the most cost-effective plan for ON1 Photo RAW. Your ON1 Photo RAW Yearly 200 GB Plan gives you access to the latest version of ON1 Photo RAW as well as 200 GB of storage with Cloud Sync. If you are not interested in using Cloud Sync, you could cancel your subscription and purchase the perpetual license for ON1 Photo RAW. When you purchase the perpetual license, that version is yours to keep forever with minor software updates.
    As noted above, although I can cancel my subscription whenever I want, there are no refunds. The subscription will continue until the renewal date. You are not really ending the subscription, just turning off auto-renew. I could buy a perpetual licence now, but there would be no point.

    We do not have a software subscription without Cloud Sync.

    ON1 Photo RAW subscribers also receive access to the new ON1 NoNoise AI 2021 application. You can download ON1 NoNoise AI 2021 now on this page:

    I hadn't realised that. Now downloaded, signed in, and it works very well indeed on a few of my noisiest images. 

    The NoNoise AI feature will be integrated into the new major version of ON1 Photo RAW (2022) which will be released in the Fall.

    The ON1 Plus Pro subscription has been discontinued as of February 2020 which is why you are unable to find this option in the store. See this article for more details: Changes to ON1 Plus Pro - FAQ

    So, I will carry on, but just ignore cloud sync and the mobile apps until there is enough improvement to try again (and with new IOS in the fall, that might take some time). As renewal date approaches, I will try again to compare costs and work out what works best for me.

    Thanks for everyone's help. I note that support simply ignored my questions about why they make it so hard to understand purchase options, and seem to be quite happy to accept that cloud sync is not fit for use.I am waiting for a technical support response after I followed their earlier response instructions to deal with mobile apps that did not sync properly, and then started crashing every time I opened them. When I deleted and reinstalled the apps as instructed, the photos on those devices disappeared and were never synced anywhere else. Gone forever.

    That's the moment I gave up on cloud sync and the mobile apps. Thankfully, the apps and sync has been so unreliable for me from the beginning that I had't trusted them with anything important, but I just can't tolerate anything that wrecks images: that's my job! 

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I forgot about subscribers getting the app for free. Sorry 'bout that.


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