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Will back up sync or not?




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    No, the program will not sync the edits across different drives like that. You work on only 1 copy of a photo at a time. If you want the edits made to that photo to be applied to other photos you have to do that your self.

    Personally, I use the same Import process you've described but that backup location (mine is on NAS) is only for backing up the original raw files. I back up the drive I work from separately every night and hourly on a separate Time Machine backup.

  • Jurry De Vries

    Thanks Brian,

    This is exactly what I was hoping for. I am new to ON1 (well I am new to RAW editing period) so I created a temporary workflow to ensure I don't lose anything. Don't start laughing when you read this but I now do the following:

    1) I first upload from memory card to dropbox all files, not using any photo app just via finder. That way I have at least save one copy of every photo

    2) Next I upload all photos to Apple Photo using Apple photo. Reason: I always used Apple Photos and know my way around the app but with 14,000 photos it is becoming unmanageable

    3) Since Apple photos uploads automatically to iCloud I now have 1 copy in Dropbox, 1 in the cloud, and 1 on my hard drive to be used with Apple

    4) We are now finally getting to the setup that I hope to make my main workflow instead oif the last that is ON1. I upload all photos from my memory card to my hard drive. I use the renaming tool to add ON1 to every file and they all land in one big folder. 

    5) I also have programmed the uploading with ON1 to automatically upload a backup to my external drive. 

    And that's why I asked if the backup gets edited as well or not. Thankfully not because my next step is to go thru the photos I uploaded with ON1 on my harddrive. Mark them not only with stars to determine "delete" "keep" "edit" but also add metadata brief keywords.

    Next step is that IO group all photos concerning a particular subject let's say garden. I delete what has 1 star, move those with 2 stars or more to a subfolder named garden, edit, throw away a few more and that's it. 

    Once I have this under control then it will be time to delete a few steps. I will keep the "double" set with Appler and ON1 for the simple reason that sharing with apple is a lot easier with ON1. But I like the edit results and catalogue of ON1 a lot better. 


    I am in the process of selecting a proper NAS (suggestions welcome looking at QNAP 251D-4G) which will replace the external drive and the dropbox. 

    A long story but I thought it would be nice for you as moderator to learn the context of questions you receive + see that your advise and replies are really welcome and used.






  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    It sounds like you have a solid plan Jurry. I don't have any recommendations on NAS drives, I haven't done any research on them. The one I have was a gift.


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