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Blurry CloudSync thumbnails on iPad



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I see this happen from time to time. When it does I force quit the program by dragging from the bottom of the iPad screen up until I see the mobile app's window reduce and other apps still running in the background become visible. From there you can drag the mobile app's window up off the top of the screen to force quit it. When the program is relaunched it will resync with the server and your previews should come into focus.

  • Jurry De Vries

    I don’t see this happening “from time to time” but I see it happening every single day on both iPhone and iPad. I bought this program so I could sync photos like in Apple photos. But if I want to see a photo that’s stored on my Mac, on my iPhone I have to wait 15 min and only get blurry thumbnails that can’t be opened.

  • Jurry De Vries


    Thanks for your suggestion. But I may have found out why this was happening. I have an iPad Pro 2019 version and had that blurry thumbnail issue. 

    What I found out is that the first time the ipad is “loading: the catalogued folder from my iMac takes quit some memory time. 

    The solution that I tried and which works for me is that I one day closed all open app as (i had many many open), restarted the ipad and only opened ON1 Mobile, let the programme do its thing and since then the thumbnails are opening up faster and no longer blurry. 


    Or in short: in my case it probably was the result of insufficient memory available at the receiving device. Hope this helps


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