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August Presets




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    No, it is for Photo RAW. When you install a program your OS sets that program to be the default for opening all files of whatever types it supports. Since you installed NoNoise AI after Photo RAW it is now the default for all things ON1.

    You need to Right-click the icon and use whatever form of Open With… that your OS offers. You can also go to to File Info (Mac) or Settings (Windows) and permanently set the owner there along with an option to make that new program the default for all files of that type.

    You can also use Photo RAW's Extras Manager to Import the new Presets.

  • David Kick

    Richard they are for photo raw. The problem is when you installed NoNoise it took ownership of the preset files. Just right click on the preset file and select "Open With" then go to On1 Photo Raw and select it. Be sure to select "always open with this program" then press enter.


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