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Presents and layers




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Hi Bob,

    Let's adjust the missing Layer problem first. Photo RAW has its own Layered file format with the .onphoto extension. Any edits made to the original file in the same editing session as when a 2nd Layer is added will be saved in the .onphoto version. Any edits already made and saved to the original file will remain with it as well as being in the .onphoto file. If you start with an .onphoto any new Layers will be added to that same .onphoto file.

    The Opacity of all Effects, whether added by a Preset or manually before and after the Preset, can be controlled with an Opacity slider in the Preset Preview or just above the Add Filter button.

    When you are working with Layers there is another Opacity slider for the currently selected Layer.

  • Bob Jenkin

    Thanks Brian - that's pointed me in the right direction.


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