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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You know you are not talking to the company here, right? We are just other users like yourself who are trying our best to help. You need to direct your displeasure with an email to the company if you want them to hear you.

  • David Bridgeman

    But plugins should be included with the subscription model.

    This is from the FAQ..

    Subscription (monthly or yearly). Includes Photo RAW 2022 and all future upgrades, the entire Professional Plugin Bundle of version 2022 apps (individual plugins NoNoise, Effects, Resize, Portrait, HDR), all future individual apps and plugins, and ON1 Cloud Sync which allows you to sync your edits, presets, and metadata across multiple computers and mobile devices (1TB cloud storage, or 200GB storage). Subscribing is a great option both economically and feature-wise, since you'll always have the newest ON1 editing technologies.

  • David Bridgeman

    I subscribed but I'm not seeing any new plugins.

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    The set of 2022 plugins is not released until October, until then keep using 2021 as your plugins.

  • Robert Golub

    They did not make it clear about the plug-ins for the standalone version. I went back and looked and it is not really clear. It was $70 more to add plugins. Seems excessive. I rarely use the product as I prefer others, so a higher price point doesn’t work for me. I’ve asked for a refund. 


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