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Not a release worth paying for.



  • Bob Shrader

    Respectively, I must disagree. Yes, there are some bugs, but I'm sure ON1 will be putting out patches as soon as possible. I have been using ON1 Photo RAW since it was first released, upgrading each year. And Photo RAW 2022 is the biggest of any upgrade. The ability to run Photoshop plugins in the non-destructive process will be a real time-saver for me.

    I keep copies of my Photoshop plugins in a single folder. The install of 2022 recognized that location, enabling me to call them from  Photo RAW. These include the DxO Nik Collection, the Topaz Labs AI plugins and an older Topaz ReStyle that I've kept around. Plus, Exposure X6, Luminar 4 and Tonality CK. I've found that 2022 will not run the Flaming Pear plugins, nor DxO FilmPack (These won't run in Affinity Photo, either).

    My tests with Sky Replacement have not been extensive, but what I've tried looks good and better than sky replacement in Luminar AI. 

  • David Kick

    Actually the majority of On1 users do not use Adobe products. That is one of the reasons they changed and went went the Plugin bundle or individual plugin for Effects Etc. 

    Sky replacement works very well with landscape photos but does lack some with City skylines and other non-landscapes photos. I bet On1 will improve that though 

    I have been very happy the upgrade.

  • Craig Pynn

    I've been using ON1 since it was Photo Perfect and have always used earlier versions of Photo Raw as plugins from Lightroom and/or Photoshop. The lack of PR2022 plugins for LR Classic and Photoshop is a MAJOR disappointment and I'm not in the mood to make PR2022 my main editor and completely changing my well-established workflow. So, I guess I'll stick with LR Classic as my main editor/catalog and use PR2021 along with PS 22.5, and Topaz via plugins while ignoring PR2022. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The plug-ins will all be updated for 2022 by next month. You can purchase the individual modules you like to use or get them bundled together.

  • Peter Pfeiffer

    These certainly make PR 2022 worth upgrading / purchasing for me:

    • Integrated NoNoise AI
    • Time Lapse
    • Upgraded Export

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