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PR 2022 unexpected changes/requirements



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    [W]here as Details had selectable styles which allowed us to store our own preferred settings the new section does not allow it.

    I agree, it would be nice to be able to save Styles. I don't know why it was removed or if it will come back in the next update.

    It  would be useful if the NoNoise AI tool did not run as soon as you click on the tab.  I would like to be able to open the tool and then choose to run it.

    You are choosing to run it by the act of clicking on the tab. It has to run this way. NNAI runs before the image is being demosaiced (when used on a RAW file, image file types use a different AI engine). You won't be able to see any edits you've made (and it warns you of this) while adjusting its controls. This is how it is able to remove the noise directly from the raw data. If you don't like it or you want to turn it off, and this applies to either model of noise reduction, just set all the sliders to 0 or choose the other model. Some folks are using it just for pre-sharpening their photos by turning off the noise removal sliders and only using those for sharpening.

    When the History tool refers to an adjustment in the Noise & Sharpening section it labels it as Tone & Colour ( a bit confusing ).

    I am not seeing this. My History shows an entry of NoNoise AI. Can you show me a screen shot please?

    I used to be able to set noise and sharpening in the Details section and then turn it on or off using the blue dot enabling me to see the effect.

    Now we have the Split View to compare before and after while working with the noise removal controls. It just isn't possible to turn off the processing that was done prior to the raw data being demosaiced and assembled into a viewable image.

  • David Crombie

    Thankyou for the quick reply Brian.

    I take your point about the NNAI, thanks for that.

    It is the classic sharpening and noise adjustment tool ( I should have said that in my initial message) that I am referring to when it comes to the History reference and the ability to turn it on and off. 

    I have attached a image of the History reference. I do appreciate these are just nice to haves and in no way do they affect the overall pleasure of using On1 2022.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I will pass that along to the engineers, thanks David.

    I miss the toggle for the old Details panel too. I don't know if that was an oversight or it was made necessary by the introduction of NNAI. Hopefully it is the former and will be back in a future update.


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