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A serious problem with chromatic aberrations.



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Photo RAW gets its lens correction profiles from the Lensfun database. I'm not sure what Capture One is using. As far as I can tell C1 is not.

    I can't see your sliders but it looks to me as though you may have pushed them too far. I can see the same red halo inside the green awnings.

    You will have to work with tech support on this one, sorry. They will want to see your raw file with its sidecar files. Zip them together, upload them to a sharing service, and send the download link in your support request along with these screen shots.

    How to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support - A Step-by-step Guide

  • Antolin Agar Soto

    Thanks Brian

    I have pushed the sliders as much as needed to correct the aberrations, if I push them less I will not have halos but aberrations.

    I have moved them point by point again, not by hopping with the mouse, to detect the moment when the aberrations disappear.

    Both captures are taken when the sliders are at 61. Aberrations are visible and so are halos.


    I'll pass whatever they need to technical support.

    I am using PR2022 without having bought it, it is a trial version (14 days) I hope it is not a problem.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You'll have to see what they have to say about it. Be patient, they are undoubtedly overwhelmed with request for help right now. I could take a couple of days before they can get back to you.

  • Antolin Agar Soto

    Well, each company has the right to set its priorities and each consumer has the right to consume what they want.

    Out of curiosity, have you checked if the same thing happens to your photos?

    Whatever the technical support response, your speed and effectiveness as a community moderator is worthy of applause.👍👍👍

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Thank you, Antolin, I appreciate that.

    I have used the sliders but I haven't seen what you have shown. It could be because of a difference in the subject matter that makes it less obvious or it could be I just haven't noticed it before. I will be on the lookout now though.

  • Dariusz Kotarba

    I have similar problem.

    Sony A7M3 + Tamron 28-200.

    Exactly the same problem is with Sony RX100M7.

    This is screenshot from PhotoRAW "Color Fringe" both sliders disabled.

    This when Color Fringe : Purple =100

    And this is Capture One with Purple Fringing slider =100

    Darek K

  • Antolin Agar Soto

    Gracias Dariusz, me alegra ver que el  problema no es solo mío, si somos muchos los usuarios que no podemos emplear el programa, será mas urgente para Soporte Técnico el arreglarlo.

    Soy consciente de que estoy comparando con Capture One  que es un programa caro, pero me pregunto si merece la pena trabajar con un programa barato que tiene esta limitación.

    Siguiendo la sabia recomendación de Brian tendré paciencia, aprovecharé los 30 días de prueba de Capture One para estudiarlo, ver sus limitaciones y cuando se termine la prueba decidiré que programa adquirir.

  • Antolin Agar Soto

    Brian, I have thought about the situation and come to the following conclusion.

    -I buy the program. 

    - I spend my time learning how to use it.

    - I find some serious bugs in the program.

    - I spend my time showing the bug in this forum.

    -You and other users (I remember Holger) make an effort to solve it.

    -We come to the conclusion that the problem corresponds to Technical Support.

    I spend more time showing the problem to Technical Support and providing the data they need.

    Technical Support, work on the bug (I guess)

    I think we have lost contact with reality, the problem is with the company that has a product for sale (it is not a Beta version) with serious bugs and it is the responsibility of Technical Support to be aware of the bugs that users show in this forum, if they need data to ask for it.

    Let's not forget, we are the customers, the ones who pay, they are the ones who charge.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    This forum is not designed for customers to talk to the company. It is for us to talk to each other. There is nothing from preventing you including a link to the discussion which has taken place here when you report the problem to support. I do it regularly.

    If you have a Plus membership there are the Plus Forums where the company is more interactive. They don't necessarily respond to everything but they do get involved and there are links where you can contact some of the employees directly.

    The company has set up a system for us to use. You want it changed to suit your needs. I don't see that happening. We have to work with the tools we've been provided.

    You can direct these comments to Customer Service also. I have no control over the site. Directing them to me is just venting.

  • Antolin Agar Soto

    Yes, I know that it only serves to unburden me and I thank you that you have lent me your shoulder to cry.

    My intention is not just for you to hear me, I would like the entire community of payers to hear me.

    A Plus membership? Are you telling me that I have to pay more to fix their problem?

    I don't want a tailor-made system, I want the company to give me what it promises. If it says eliminate chromatic aberrations I want it to do so, if it says focus distance I would like it to be real.

    For my part, this thread ends here, it is not good to repeat the concepts so much.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Peter Svensson

    I have the same problem so want to know of any solution (using Canon R5 with 28-300 mm lens). Adobe raw has same problem on the standard lens correction but manual correction is no problem here. 

  • Dariusz Kotarba

    -> Effects -> Color Adjustment

    Choose Purple color and move saturation slider left

    Choose Magenta color and move saturation slider left

    If needed use masking.

    This is my solution

  • Peter Svensson

    Dariusz thanks for the tip, tried it but doesn't solve the problem.

  • David Kick

    Just a thought, have you tried the Linear Raw camera profile as a starting point. Not sure if it will help this issue or not but might be worth a try.

  • Antolin Agar Soto

    Davis, thanks for your interest.

    Naturally I have not been able to test your idea with version 2022 (My 14-day trial version has expired.)

    I have tested your suggestion with version 2021 and no, it does not solve the ineffectiveness of the chromatic aberration removal module.

    In my opinion the program is very, very poor, cheap but not very useful.


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