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Viewing images edited on Mac on an iPad



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There isn't any way I'm aware of to do this.

  • Ray Miles

    That does seem to be a major deficiency in the mobile app.

  • David Kick

    I'm sorry but why is it a deficiency in an app if you chose not to subscribe to the service????

  • Jurry De Vries

    I could be wrong but in my humble view it makes sense that one can only open the edited version of a photo (meaning photo file + sidecar file) on a device that has a legit ON1 license attached to it. If not, then one can only see the original unedited file.


    If you want to see the edited files then I guess you have 2 options: either export the edited version as a jpeg or whatever file, or you install the license ON1 version on that device.




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