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Heating on M1 MacBook Pro 16GB RAM



  • David Kick

    Are you building catalogs? If you are that might be the cause, leave On1 running until catalogs are complete. Once complete what you are seeing should stop.

  • Jurgen Schraepen

    No issues here. I have a Mac mini but the temperature stays around 35°C when I have On1 PR open.

    Building thumbnails or catalogs could be the reason why it is working harder then normal but this is temporary.


  • Niranjan Acharya

    not sure about building catalog, but ever since I installed on1 photo raw I've been facing this issue. every time I import and go through the photos its the same slowness and heating. and even when I return to previously imported folders its the same. is the catalog similar to Lightroom where a smaller preview is stored for faster preview and editing ? 

    for me there is a .xmp file created for each image inside the folder. help appreciated to resolve this issue. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I suggest your talk to tech support about this. I'm on an M1 Mini and I don't experience this.

    How to submit a problem to ON1 Tech Support - A Step-by-step Guide

  • Jurry De Vries

    No have not noticed that but heard it elsewhere as well. 


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