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Heads up for Windows 11 users



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Good to know. Thanks David.

  • Jan B. HANSEN

    Good to have info, David. As MS is transferring more and more control to OS – and less to user :( – by each iteration of Windows version. No doubt, that until now the ability, when talking Nvidea Graphics Cards, to adjust the decision for discrete card to use and to adjust certain parameters of 3D-render in desktop programmes as the ON1 Photo editor suite, has have a tremendious effect on performance in such programmes…so to be totally without choice if deciding for to move on to Win 11; ajj, good grief!

  • Robin Neville

    Thanks David. I have been hesitant to move to Win11 and this is just one more reason. 

  • David Kick

    Robin, On1 runs really well in Windows 11, I run Win 11 on my desktop and laptop and have no issues on either one.. My post was not meant to warn against Windows 11 I just wanted to let folks know they have to watch out for their graphics settings.

  • Robin Neville

    David Kick Understood, I think that I am more of the mind that I would like to be able to choose whether I control the settings or Windows does (like Jan implied.) I am a sys admin (mgr now) by profession and like to be able to tweak under the hood. 

  • Tino Korn

    I have made an upgrade to 2022.
    I would like to keep the program. However, I have the same problem as the thread creator.
    When I work with masks and go into the enlargement of the image sections to 50 or 100 and I work with the Perfect Brush, the brush remains again and again for several seconds and react for. So a work is not possible. You never always know when the brush is hanging on the stick and if you continue to move on, you will inevitably get into other image areas that should not be masked at all.
    I have tried all "Performance" settings (as described here). But it does not use anything. The brush reacts only the first 1 to 2 brushstrokes liquid, then he freezes against.
    Problem only with Perfect Brush.
    I go back to the full screen view is all right again.
    But this is not good that I need the 50 or 100 percent view for the small details and edges.
    I still installed on1 2020.
    The Perfight Brush Brush is occasionally occasional. But 90 percent is better.
     W10x64, 16GB RAM, SSD, GTX 1060 3GB is used.
    I hope there is a solution!


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