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HDR 2022 Lightroom Plugin / Batch Processing



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Try Ungrouping them before using the ON1 Photo RAW HDR plug-in. I can't tell for sure since I cannot see what you are looking at but it sounds like only the top most image in the group was sent. How many thumbnails do you see across the bottom of the window? If there is only one that is most likely the problem.

    The User Guide talks about using the plug-in with Lightroom starting on page 6.

  • Michael Weegen

    Hi Brian, ...

    thanks for the fast response. 

    Ok, for example: 

    if i select 12 un-grouped photos; to each motiv belonging 3 pictures (-2EV, 0 EV, +2EV) and start the "merge with HDR 2022" plugin: all photos (12) are treated as they belong to ONE scene; he merges all togehter. 
    Thats not smart and not what i understand as "batch HDR processing" :) 

    To create a subfolder for each set of photos is not really timesaving. In a batch process it should be recognized pre-grouped set OR the EXIF information about each EV value and should be automatically recognized as a bracket. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The HDR module/stand-alone app does take all the photos you've selected in one "batch". That is not the way to do batch processing of multiple scenes.

    Batch processing is discussed on page 8 of the User Guide. I highly recommend downloading it and reading it to learn how the software works.

    I don't use Lightroom so I can't do any testing to figure this out for you but in the Photo RAW program, you can put all the photos for a single HDR image into a single folder then you can select all the folders and feed them to the HDR module to be batch processed folder by folder. I'm not sure how that works with the Lightroom plug-in. You'll have to ask tech support about it.


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