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Save effects rack



  • David Kick

    There is no way to save your effects as you are describing. However if what you are trying to accomplish is add the same effects to a group of images. In Browse grid view select the image that you have edited then press the ctrl/cmd key and select the images you want to add the edits too. ( the edited image will be super selected ( broad highlight boarder) and the other selected images will have a narrow highlight boarder. Once you have all the images selected simply press the Sync key in the lower right corner of the Browser window. Select which parts of the edit you want to sync then press apply. 

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    David mentions syncing, but you can also apply your preset to multiple photos in Browse or even automatically to all during import.

  • Paul

    Many thanks to you both for your quick replies.

    In the end I created a preset with my chosen effects, then added this across my catalogue of raw files, took no time at all really.

    Fantastic to find a responsive support community!

    Thanks again for all our help.


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