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Where does On1 store EXIF data




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Metadata is stored in both .on1 and .xmp sidecar files. This is what the User Guide says about it (page 44).

    Embedding metadata

    Metadata you add in Browse is stored in industry-standard XMP sidecar files for raw files. This facilitates the transfer of metadata to any application that supports XMP. When you edit an image, create a copy of an image for editing or use the ‘Send to’ command, the metadata is embedded into the file automatically (with the exception of raw files). You can manually embed your metadata into images using the Embed Metadata command from the Photos menu. This will open each image you have selected, update the metadata and re-save it. This is supported for TIF, PSD, PSB and JPG files; raw and PNG files do not support direct embedding of metadata.

  • David Price

    Thanks Brian much appreciated. There’s still loads I need to learn,

    You do seem to be something of an ON1 encyclopaedia. Again thanks.


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