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Greyish shade at the horizon line



  • Subias Gilles

    Some few more infos are needed: is it a crop ? Which camera, exposure, ISO etc ? Can you see same thing in another photo software (Windows, Mac ?). Is it in browse mode ? Develop mode, NoNoise etc ???

    I guess even our guru Brian L. can't solve your problem until you'll give more infos.

  • Jens-Matthias Keindorff

    This is just a cropped portion of a jpg exported from On1 2022. I did that cutout to show what I'm talking about with ease. I see that effect often after some tweaks made in On1. The original was taken with a Nikon D7500. I use On1 with Windows 10 and NVIDIA RTX2070s. I deleted the whole workflow of that picture unfortunatley and prepared it meanwhile a 2nd. time. It seems that the haze function produces or contributes to these greyish shade. Without using haze you see nearly no shades. See below. 

    This crop was taken directly from Editmode. If I set haze to -37 it looks like this: 

    NoNoiseAi was used with this picture at the start of all tweaks. Help it'll help to make things more precise. 

    Thanks Matthias


  • Jens-Matthias Keindorff

    This is the portion without any tweaks. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The Haze slider needs to be used with a very light touch. Applying too much haze reduction will cause artifacts such as you are seeing here and it can mess with colors as well.

    Trying to recover too much from highlights can also lead to halos such as those you've shown. Poor masks can contribute as well.

    You just have to go through your edits and find those that are contributing to the problem and make adjustments as necessary. Turn them off one at a time until you see the problem go away. Note that interactions between two or more edits can enhance issues like this so there can be combinations that bring it out.

    Watch the training videos on masking and blending for some tips on how to control halos.

  • Jens-Matthias Keindorff

    Thanks Brian. 


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