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Winddows 10 (Continuation) & ON1 Performance Issues



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    1) It's doubtful that reinstalling the program will help your performance. Nothing will change. It won't hurt to try though so give it a shot if you want.

    2) No, deleting the program does not delete your photos.

    3) That's up to you. It does not affect the performance of other programs.

    4) Each program stands alone even though they are related. Deleting NNAI for instance won't affect Photo RAW's performance.

    5) With crash logs, no. Not unless the engineers need more info from you.

  • Merle Becker

    Thanks very much Brian - you are a trooper. Can not believe how you climbed the WY Devils' Tower.  Saw it a few yrs ago - amazing.  Hope you took photos at the top!! If I did not have a one yr. old PC with pretty good specs from what I understand - I would go buy a new one.  ON1 got really bad tonight just constant freeze up and over a minute to export or shift from Edit to Browse. Photo Raw work is pretty much for me except all of the Honey Do's and when I escape to the Mtns. I have pretty much taken everything off of it except basic apps.  But moved everything to two ED's with 4 TB's and a 3rd for occasional system Bk up's storage. There are - don't know why - under my C Drive folders of photos that are my primary ones and then 2 folders for my son's personal and professional.  It seems like those in the C Drive simply mirror automatically the two external Drives 1 primary and 1 mirrored.  Thought about trying to delete them but not sure of impact. Maybe I should hire you for a day or so and take a road trip - where do you live?  Tks again for all of the help. Whoops guess I should have Messaged you direct on my response. Delete after reading if necessary.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I'm not able to delete posts from other people but that's OK, there's no need to delete it.

    You said you "moved everything to two ED's…", and, "It seems like those in the C Drive simply mirror automatically the two external Drives 1 primary and 1 mirrored." It sounds like you may have copied them, not moved them. This is normal when you drag a file from one drive to another; the original gets left in place. I can't advise you on this without knowing more specifics about how you have you system set up and how you used it. That's not something I can do remotely, sorry.

    I live in Southern Utah.


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