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Running ON1 RAW 2022 on M1 Mac Mini



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    If you're going to get a Mini I highly recommend getting at least 16GB of RAM. Memory is not upgradable later in these systems.

    I'm running the 1st gen M1 Mini with 16GB of RAM. Most of my images load in just a few seconds. Of course the more edits I've made, the longer it takes to the program to open and render the images. When I export they are usually finished before I can switch to my Exports folder to view them.

    ArtIsRight on YouTube has reviewed all the different M1 models. You might want to see what he has to say about them and which model is right for different types of users.

  • Dick Smith

    Thank you for your input. May I presume that you do not experience a 4 minute wait when utilizing NoNoiseAI?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    That is correct.

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    I am getting good performance on M1 iMac, same chip as mini. I echo what Brian says that if you can you should go for 16 Gbytes as memory usage does creep up, though there are issues with memory leaks in current version of Monterey, so some might be MacOS rather than On1.

    The announcement of the free update to 2022.1 coming on December 20th mentions that as well as general performance improvements this update includes specific improvements related to use of GPU on M1 chips, so performance may be even better after this upgrade.

    See for details of 2022.1.



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