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simple tool to remove keywords from photo files



  • Volker Gottwald

    If you are using a catalog it works like this inside ON1 PR:

    - Selects the highest level of your cataloged folder

    - Check "Show Sub-Folder Contents"

    - Select all photos (Ctrl A)

    - In the Keywords pane select all the keywords listed (click on the first one, then shift click on the next and so on)

    - right mouse click and select "remove keyword ..." or "delete keywords"

    Removing the keywords takes some minutes depending on the size of you catalog and the number of files with keywords. That's how I did it.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Be careful with Volker's method. The Delete Keyword(s) command will permanently remove those keywords from not only your catalog but from ALL photos that have them applied, not just those you've selected. Remove Keyword will remove that keyword from only the selected photos and leave the keyword in the database for future use and other photos that keyword has been applied to will not be affected.

    Another option is to just clear the Keywords field from the Metadata panel.

  • Dariusz Kotarba

    Thank You.

    But it is not so  simple.

    On my first computer I prepared new keyword scheme/hierarchy.

    As You see this is very simple.

    I take my usb drive (with photos) to second computer.

    At beginning I made Reset PhotoRAW to clear all databases and old keyword database too.

    Next I put this drive to the computer and created Cataloged folder.

    Insted of only five master categories I got these categories and many, many old keywords from old flat structure.

    I don't know where are stored these keywords but was totally "empty" - no photo was connected to these keywords. (I double clicked on some keyword and no photo appears).

    I only assume that these keywords was stored inside pixel photos (jpg, tiff, etc) but because of some disorder PR is able to display keywords in Keyword List but not to display photos.

    Because of that I think to use external tool to remove all keywords from inside all pixel photos and store keywords in on1 files.

    Greetings. Darek

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Keywords are stored in the .on1 sidecar files, sometimes in an .xmp file as well. There is also an internal database that we can only access through the program's interface.

    This is a problem that needs to be reported to tech support. When the new keyword list was created on the 2nd computer the program flattened your hierarchical structure while retaining it at the same time. I've been reporting it for quite a while now and I found 1 cause for it the other day but that cause doesn't seem to be what happened here.

    You now have the same keyword in 2 places—its original hierarchical structure and as a single, un-nested entry. If you are sure the hierarchical structure is still intact and the correct photos are using it you can select all the unwanted top level entries in the Keyword List by Command/Control-clicking them and using the Delete Keywords command. That will remove them from all photos they've been applied to and from the Keyword List database.

  • Volker Gottwald

    I had this problem of keywords showing up in the keyword list but no photos showing up with the respective keyword about one year ago several times. I reported that to support and they aknowledged the problem. Some improvements where added, but support stated that the issue would not be completely solved.

    In my case I deleted all these keywords when ever they showed up and finally after some time they are all removed.

    I still have problems when I open photos from other sources that have keywords that I don't want and need. It would be great to have an option to not add keywords to my list for those type of files.


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