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Error 1026 exporting Jpeg



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    I don't see that error listed in any of the documents. You can take a look at the log file and maybe get a clue about the problem. If not, you'll need to contact On1 support.

    Open a new request here...

  • Carl Traub

    I reported a 1026 error on export to support a month ago. After them asking for the usual information, I never heard back from them. I'm using 2022 on Windows.  I was attempting to export a full size JPEG, 6000x4000 into a subfolder of the original image.

    1026 appears to be an error from a .NET component configuration problem, which is within the program.

    The new export dialog in 2022, the logs, and especially the error messages don't make it clear exactly where the export is attempting to write the exported file.  I wasn't sure it it was a path problem or not.  The only thing displayed in the logs was useless, as you've seen.

    I gave up and haven't retried the export, and had forgotten about until I saw this post.  I just emailed support again to see if they could provide any feedback.

  • Angel Lopez

    ON1 Support, folks - come on!  Address this problem with Exporting many of us are having...

    I have not been able to save export presets from Day 1 of ON1 2022.  I have contacted you and no solution has been offered.



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Angel, you are not talking to the company here. These forums are for users to help each other and the company doesn't pay much attention to what is posted here.

    Have you tried either of the Delete Settings or Reset ON1 Photo RAW procedures?


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