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Blending Options




  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Yes. Colin Smith has an excellent and free eBook on the different Blending Modes and what they do. Don't worry that it's coming from a Photoshop site, the information is the same for both programs and the book specifically uses ON1 for its illustrations.

  • james welsh


    Thank you!

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    One thing about On1 Blend Modes, and many other non-Photoshop applications that use layers and blends, that Fill is not implemented. So references to this in resources linked to blend modes in Photoshop cannot be transferred to On1 etc.

    For most blend modes it acts the same as Opacity but for 8 blend modes such as Linear Light it changes how the blending of particular pixel values are carried out. For example it can adjust the range of tones that are impacted by the blending calculation, then opacity can be used as usual to determine how much of the result is applied.

    In On1 only opacity is available so there is not the option to fine tune the result using fill as there is in Photoshop.

    Quite why only Photoshop has implemented this additional control is not clear, not even Affinity which is nearest application to a Photoshop clone, is not clear. It has been asked for on the RAW project. Perhaps the formula is covered by some form of patent?


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