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Sidecars now move to the export folder instead of staying with the raw file



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    It's been noted that On1 sometimes creates sidecars where the export file is, but your edits must still be in a sidecar where the original file is or the program won't work properly.

    Who said they have moved? That's not possible.

  • Richard Porter
    This is the support chain,  It may be that he didn't understand   my question  or didn't read it closely..

    IF you disable sidecars, no sidecars will be created for any files.
    Edits would be entirely stored in the database.
    We recommend keeping sidecars enabled.
    Our export engine has changed with ON1 PHOTO RAW 2022 compared to previous versions.

    Let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks for choosing and using ON1 Software!

    Stevie | Tech Support & QA Engineer




    Richard Porter

    Dec 11, 2021, 1:17 PST

    On 11/12/2021 00:21, Stevie (ON1 Support) wrote:
    Hi Stevie,

    Having been an ON1 user for 3 years  now,  That has not been the case up
    until  2022.
    The side car files have staid with the raw images  and were not exported
    along with the Jpegs.
    If I disable Sidecar files  doesn't that mean that there is no record of
    the adjustments I have made to the raw files  ?

  • Richard Porter

    My question :
    Hi Stevie,
    Thanks for your response , however you didn't answer all of my questions..
    "3rdly When I export images the .on1 file exports to the same folder
    as the images instead of staying with the RAW images as it used to in
    2020 and before . How can I stop that from happening ?"



    Stevie (ON1)

    Dec 10, 2021, 8:21 PST


    When new files get exported, the .on1 sidecar also gets created with the new files. This is how the app is designed.
    If you don't want sidecars to be created for files, you can disable the sidecar option in the ON1 PHOTO RAW 2022>Preferences>Files tab.

    Let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks for choosing and using ON1 Software!

    Stevie | Tech Support & QA Engineer

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    If you look in the folder with the original RAW files do they still have sidecar files? If so then the issue is that a side car file is being created for an exported file when it wasn't before.

    For backup purposes I export JPG versions of my edited RAW files to a sub-folder in the same folder as the original RAW file. I have just checked and recent JPGs do have a side car file that just contains metadata information such as keywords. There is still a sidecar file for the original RAW file in the original folder, this is much larger than the one for the exported JPG and looking at it with TextEdit it has all the hex coding that holds the editing information.

    This matches up with what support told you. So for me things are working as designed, which may be based on different decisions made when designing the new export module that came in with 2022.

    With 2022.1 about to be released it is possible that the production of sidecar files when they are exported may have changed, On1 have been known to respond to feedback about such things and make changes in updates, for example last year's feedback about changes to cloning and healing tools. 

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The new Export panel has an option to save a sidecar file with the exported photo. It is off for all the Presets except the DNG to Same Folder. For that Preset it is on by default and there is a bug in the program where turning it off does not work.

    The only other time I've seen a new .on1 file to go with the newly exported file is when you click anywhere in the Metadata panel for that photo. You don't have to make any changes, simply clicking in the panel registers as a change and that causes the creation of the sidecar.

  • Richard Porter

    David is correct,
    The exported  on1 file just has the file name in it..  If Stevie knew that it would have been helpful to tell me

    Thank you to the both of you



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