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ON1 Photo RAW slows down while using for a while



  • christophe ducrocq

    I am not sure those programs (including Lightroom) are made to use NAS drives as a working drive. You are cumulating unnecessary latency from repeated network access, cumulated with classic disk drive acces time (several ms). Don't forget that LR/On1 also generate also small file size, which is usually not bettering access time too.
    Is it doing the same behaviour if working with a folder on your local SSD drive ?  Acces Latency is way better on SSD.
    My advice would be to work your edits on SSD instead, and synchronise folder on your NAS (this is working in background) by another sync program usually provided with NAS software suite


  • Jeffrey Smith

    My machine does this too. I usually have to close and restart the program. It gets worse the more I do, and with 32 gig of memory, sometimes I'll have very little of it left. My brushes stutter to the point where it's unusable.

    Here's a link to a brief discussion:


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