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Remove dust and scratches




    I agree.  Ai should be the ultimate tool for removing dust.  I was very disappointed to discover that On1 has no dust or scratch removal feature.  I guess we'll have to find a third party plugin.

  • Richard Berke

    We need a smart feature for this.  I like how the current Retouch tool often automatically finds a good substitute area to use for context aware fill in, but it's a one-by-one approach to day.   

    If the Smart Select worked better than it does today, I'd want to use that first to limit the area where the dust & scratches fixing is especially needed.  Todays selection often only partially gets backgrounds or overly includes partial subjects that I don't want included.

    In lieu of such a feature today, when my images have a lot of small specs today I add a layer of Noise Reduction that's set very high for Luminance noise.  Yes, that softens/blurs.  I invert the mask so none is showing at first.  Then I softly paint in on the mask over the areas.  This doesn't work for all images, of course.  A similar approach with Effects > Tone Enhance allows you to decrease Detail and Noise.


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