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Circular cropping



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I'm not sure what it is exactly that you want to do but yes, you can create a circular crop with the Masking Bug.

  • Patrick Leahy

    I am by no means an On1 guru but I had the same issue and thought I could give you at least a starting point of what I have found.

    I have found that a vignette filter was a fairly easy way to solve the issue.  Brightness to zero, Roundness to 100, feather to almost zero and size to taste.  This gives a black border.  There is a white Vignette in the drop-down menu if you prefer a white.  There also is a "fit to canvas" button if your image isn't perfectly centered.  One of my camera's has the image shifted up a bit.


    hope this gets you started..  Again. I am a total On1 novice




  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If we're actually talking about cropping and not vignette, then this needs to be done on the Layer mask which will produce a transparent background as shown in Brians example. It won't be black or white as a vignette will look.


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