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Nikon Z9 raw



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The company hasn't said anything yet. It will depend upon how long it takes them to reverse engineer the new RAW format the Z9 is using.

  • Philippe Meyers

    A big thank you for your reply

  • Carl Baker

    On1 Raw 22.5 only supports Z9 Lossless Compressed files.  It does not support either High Efficiency compressed files.  How disappointing!  So you have to save 55 meg files instead of 21 meg files.  Lightroom does not have this limitation.  Why does On1 have this limitation?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Because the camera manufactures help Adobe with how to decode their RAW formats and do not provide that same help to ON1 or other software houses. That means ON1 has to reverse engineer the format themselves and that takes time.

  • David Tillett
    Great answers

    Probably because Nikon have not released the information needed to decode these files, so On1 and others, other than Adobe, have to back engineer the compression and that takes time.

  • Verlon Smith

    Nikon compressed HE RAW formats are based on intoPix ‘s TiCoRAW.
    It is they, not Nikon, who need to update the SDK. At this time, intoPix only offers the SDK for x86, not ARM (such as Apple M1). This is why you do not see the support.

    And Adobe apparently only offers preliminary support on x86, not ARM.

    So go to the intoPix website and bug them about an ARM SDK.


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