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Smart Album box


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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The bug is that the Smart Albums still exist (they do work) but they are not being displayed for some reason so you try to recreate them only to be told that name is already in use. The problem isn't the smart albums themselves. The company is aware of the problem but you should still report it so they can get an idea of how widespread it is. Personally, I haven't seen this issue on my system. Make sure the Smart Albums pane is expanded by clicking on the pane's name.

    You cannot both clear the Advanced Search window and automatically retain the search results without using a Smart Album. You have 2 choices for the AS dialog, move it out of the way or Select All on the search results and move them to a temporary Album. I keep a regular Album named "~" (so it appears at the top of the list and is easy to find) for temporarily holding search results.


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