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Straighten light pole?



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You're probably seeing lens distortion from having the lens pointed up above level. That causes tall objects to appear to lean backwards. It's called keystoning and there is a tool for fixing it.

    At the bottom of the Develop panel is the Transform pane. You'll have to turn it on then click the Keystone button. You'll see a rectangle overlaid upon the image with controls at each corner. Align the edge of the rectangle with the slope of the light pole then click the Apply button and the program will distort the image to make those edges square again.

    The Transform pane is discussed in the User Guide starting on page 127.

  • Larry Wing

    Thank you. I guess I should have said I tried the the various Transform options. The Keystone fixed the pole but then the house is no longer level.

    Any other options?

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    You might try the new Push tool to push it straight. Another option is to use Layers. Straighten it on the lower layer then mask out the upper layer to hide the crooked version and expose the straightened version.

    How well either of those will work is going to depend a lot upon the background behind the pole and how well you can get the straightened background to match and blend with the original.


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