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Using the perfect brush (PR 2022)



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    There is this:

    I learned through trial and error. The higher the Color Threshold setting, the larger the color range that will be selected. The higher the Transition the softer the edge and the more bleed into the surrounding colors but still only those colors allowed by the threshold setting.

    I suggest just playing with it. Pick a photo just for learning the brush. Make the mask visible so you can see what is being selected as you brush. Make a stroke then change one of the settings and make another over another area with similar color and tone as the first so you can compare the difference made by the new setting. Work with one setting at a time so you can tie the change to that setting.

  • Ray Miles

    I see there are several other videos on YouTube, the most recent being by FreeWill (don't know that one) and Jim Nix (not a fan but will take a look)

    One by Scott Davenport, who I DO like, is five years old, so it might be out of date.


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