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On1 On the Move


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  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Unless I'm misunderstanding, you have 2 basic problems you want to deal with.

    • You've moved your library from an older, smaller drive to a new, larger drive and need to get your Catalog updated.
    • You have older photos, regardless of which drive they are on, that you want to bring up to date with your Metadata and naming system that was developed over time.

    Let's address the metadata issue first.

    One of my questions asks how best to apply such a metadata protocol to the contents a folder without ‘importing’ them again? Just go to that folder in the Browser, Select All, then apply the appropriate preset. You can use all the same tools — renaming, applying Metadata presets, etc, to selected photos in your Browser view. There shouldn't be any need to reimport and delete things. That will also save some wear and tear on the new SSD. 

    The first thing I notice is that the folders that had previously been catalogued are no longer available. If the program cannot find a folder which has been cataloged, that Catalog is not available. As you've noted this is because that old drive is no longer attached to your current system.

    When a Catalog is created it is directly tied to where the photos are stored in your file system. They are unique to the location they are created from and cannot be reassigned. Even renaming the drive will break the linkage. You just have to create a new Catalog(s) for the new drive.

    However the latter will probably show two of everything in the folder hierarchy(s) which would be distracting at the very least. Only when both drives are attached at the same time. It should not be necessary to empty the cache & scratch disk.

    What would happen if I deleted the settings file? Deleting the settings files (there are many) only resets preferences. It does not touch the program's internal database for your edits and metadata.

    What would happen if I Reset On1 PR2022? Resetting the program is different, it will remove all that stuff and put you back to the same point as if the program had just been installed fresh. However, your edits and metadata are in the .on1 sidecars so all that stuff will be rebuilt as you recreate your catalog(s).

    But what about albums? How do albums work? Albums (NOT Smart Albums which are a related but different beast) are simply a virtual collection of pointers to where the actual photos are stored. They cannot be rebuilt automatically. Applying a keyword that matches the Album's name to the photos in that Album will allow you to rebuild them manually by simply doing a Keyword Search for an Album name Keyword, Select All, and drag to the Album's + button to create a new Album with the same name.

    I presume on my return to Ireland… I would use a syncing program to copy only what's new from your trip to your older drive. SSDs have a limited lifespan measured in reads & writes so the less of that you do the longer the drive will last. Copying duplicate files over from one drive to the other is unnecessary time and wear. Syncing will copy only what's new and speed the process. There are many programs you can get to sync drives and folders.

    Ultimately, you are going to have to decide upon the best method for handling all of this. It's good that you are thinking it through and asking the right questions.


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