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Time lapse not selecting all images



  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    Sorry, no suggestions. I can't find any mention of a limit for the number of files. I think you should contact On1 support and ask them about it. They'll need the info requested in this article to determine if it's a limitation of your PC.

  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I had troubles with this too until I watched Dylan's tutorial on how to shoot them.

    It's for Plus members.

  • Andrew Jones

    Thank you both for you replies.
    I followed Brian's suggestion and watched the video (which I had watched before) and could see no difference between what I was doing and what Dylan was doing. I had also photographed another two sequences.

    The two sequences were shot with same camera but two different lenses - I wanted to see if camera settings were causing the issue. Short answer - no

    After some experimentation, I found that increasing in stages the number of selected images resulted in all the selected images being processed.

    So it would appear to be some sort of memory issue (I think).

    I shall contact ON1 Support as Rick suggests and see what they say.

    Meanwhile I have some images to play with.

    Thanks again.

  • Andrew Jones

    I have solved it! The "speed" controls the number of "frames". 157 images at a speed of 0.5 gives 57 frames (which was the setting). Obvious when you know!


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