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Two questions iPhone/On1 PR and gift



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    Yes, ON1 would be good for your son to work with. Unfortunately however, because of how Apple Photos stores it images inside its Library files (they're really just a specialized kind of folder) Photo RAW cannot see those images. They will have to be Exported from Apple Photos into the regular Pictures folder so Photo RAW can see them.

    You'll have to talk to Customer Service about how you would go about purchasing the program as a gift for you son. Normally, the email address used to purchase the program is the same one that must be used to register the program. Kahlie can help you with his. Use the Submit a request link below and choose Customer Service for the department you want to work with.

  • Subias Gilles

    Thanks; for gift I'll see later. For iPhone photos, I don't know (I'll ask him ) if he use Apple photos, I even don't know where he stores all of them (he had some smartphones not iPhone some years ago). Never mind, I have to manage my idea (I really don't know if my son use Apple or Windows or goog apps, flickr or some other programs, neither how he manage them !). The first  I have to do is asking him !

  • Ray Miles

    I don't use Apple Photos at all, although some not all of my photos end up there!

    I'd advise your son in future to use the On1 iOS app to take his photos (or Halide). He can then take them as DNGs, which will give him more to play with when editing them in PR on his Mac. Of course, he may have a new enough phone to take DNGs natively. The HEIC format is OK, and better than JPG, but nowhere near as good as a DNG!

    I don't edit at all in the On1 app on my phone or iPad, although I might if I were travelling and wanted to send a photo to someone else. I transfer to my Mac using Airdrop, and could now use Universal Control from the iPad if I wanted.Since most of my images are taken on a "proper' camera, my iPhone is only used casually.

    You might want to consider purchasing him the subscription version. Then he will have access to On1's own Cloud Sync.


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