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Help with deciding best product for our use



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    The Resize AI 2022 upgrade will be included in the Professional Package once it has been released.

    The ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle 2022 contains all the company's plug-ins. It does not contain the Photo RAW 2022 program. If you do your primary editing in some other software and only want the plug-ins to enhance that program's abilities then this is what you want.

    If you want to do all your editing inside a single program you should consider ON1 Photo RAW 2022. It has all the plugins built into the program but it cannot be called from another software package.

  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    It's important to know weather you need any of these to plug in to other programs. The purpose of the Prof bundle is for those to be used as plugins, while Photo Raw is standalone only and will not work as a plugin.

    Both the Prof bundle and Photo Raw contain the same modules. Photo Raw will have Resize AI included in an update in April.

    If you wanted the Prof package, you didn't need to buy Resize AI alone. Resize is part of the package and will update to AI when it's released.

    The problem you're trying to address is making low res look decent after it's enlarged. From what I've seen of Resize AI it appears that it will do a good job with low res photos, but we haven't been able to try it ourselves yet to be sure. On1 has a 30 day refund policy that starts when the product is released. That would give you a chance to try it and see if it does what you want and also to return it if you want to switch up to the Prof package or over to Photo Raw.


  • Melinda Arnson

    Rick and Brian - we don't currently do any photo retouching.  We often must caution customers that their image will look poor because it's low res and ask for approval to proceed as is or ask for a better photo.  It's frustrating to them because our customer base is less and less print/photo savvy.  They just want to give us what they have an have us make it look good.  Until I learned of On1 - we knew of now way to make their photos look better.  We know Resize Ai 2022 will work well for enlarging to Wide format.  We have 2 stations in that area.  I was searching to determine what product(s) would work best for our digital print area where we aren't so much enlarging images greatly but rather get photos that just look poor from the outset.  I don't know whether plugins are required or desired.  This is why I'm asking for others' opinion on which to use.  It's also been difficult to learn whether the Resize will be updated in April with the different programs should we purchase one or the other.  Thank you for your assistance.


  • Rick Sammartino Community moderator

    If you don't do retouching, then you don't need the ability to plug in to other programs. The Resize AI that you bought will work as a standalone and I believe it will even batch multiple photos. 

    Since you don't do retouching, you don't need Photo Raw or the rest of the Prof Package either.

    I would suggest that you wait for Resize AI to be released so that you can test it and see if it works for you. In the mean time, get the trial version of Topaz Gigapizel and test that for comparison.


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