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window and Levels



  • Brian Lawson Community moderator

    I also highly recommend reading the chapter in the User Guide on Masking Basics which starts on page 102. The Masking Control Options are covered starting on page 104.

  • Steven Kurzrok

    Thanks Brian. Much clearer now



    "You can use the Levels or Window controls to further target tones with your luminosity mask. The Levels
    setting lets you set the black (left triangle) and white (right) points of the mask, with the midpoint, or
    gamma, setting being adjusted by the middle triangle. This lets you refine the mask to focus on narrow
    bands of luminance values in an image; for example, if you wanted to focus an effect on the midtones,
    bringing the white and black points into the middle of the Levels slider, and adjusting the midpoint, will
    achieve this much quicker than you could with the Masking Brush.
    The Window slider is similar to the Levels slider, in that it works like a black point slider from both sides.
    When you move the right and left triangles, all of the tonal ranges outside the points will be black, leaving
    those areas affected that are within the ‘window’ of the mask. For example, if you wanted only the shadows
    in your image to have an effect, you would move the right slider over towards the left by about two-thirds.

    • Use the Feather slider to smooth transitions between masked and unmasked sections.
    • Lowering the Density slider helps intensify an effect after you’ve created a mask. Think of it
    like a ‘reverse fade’: at the 100, all of your mask is viewable, at 0, the mask is entirely white."


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